“My father was terminally ill, in severe pain and in the end stage of a nasty disease. He had been, amongst other things, stubborn and self-absorbed throughout his life. He was anxious about dying. Steve contacted him spiritually and over a couple of days put strategies in place to ease his passing.

Apart from this, Steve was able to provide me with vital feedback that allowed me peace and acceptance of the nature of my father and our relationship.

I rang Steve to tell him of the passing soon after. Interestingly, he described the details of the last 10 mins or so without hint and with 100% accuracy. If indeed I needed convincing that was it.”

“The information you shared me relating to a family member was very accurate and described him and his fear of death. His passing and the approximate time of death was as you had said it would be.  Thank you, it is such a relief knowing his and our pain and suffering has now ended.”

“In August of 2003 my family lived through the slow passing of our grandmother from pneumonia.  Although she was in a coma Steve was able to connect with her and advised us that she had some unfinished business that she was attending to, and when that was done she would go peacefully. Steve passed on messages a number of times which when conveyed to the family made great sense to us all.

The experience of working with Steve during this time was both confronting and rewarding for my family. At many times he was able to help by providing answers to our questions, but most of all many of us felt safe knowing that nana had someone who was able to guide her on the other side. It was also apt that even in death nana was able to have the last say by passing a message to me through Steve, a message that had to be shared with certain family members at her funeral! Thanks Steve.”