Life After Death

Many of us wonder if this life is all there is. Does life continue after a physical death? What happens when we die? Where do we go? Is there a heaven? What is it like? Who will be there to meet us? Do we have any choice in what happens to us? These are just some of the questions that people ask themselves throughout their lives. This course is your chance to discover more than you ever thought possible.

Steve has been communicating for over 30 years with loved ones who have passed over who continue share their extraordinary experiences of the afterlife with him. He shares some of these fascinating and invaluable insights into an area of life that has too often been hidden and not discussed out of fear. Your view of death and life may never be the same even again.

Moving Through Loss and Grief

Many people are affected by a deep sense of loss and grief. We can become depressed, unable to sleep, have memory difficulties, get angry, and lose interest in life and many other debilitating effects on our lives. Once we acknowledge this we are then able to more easily process our feelings and experiences with losing someone or something significant to us.

While still acknowledging the significance of our experiences of loss our ability to recover from the depths of despair and being able to enjoy life once more then seem possible. This is an incredibly freeing experience for all participants.


The fascinating process of reincarnation is explained in great detail which helps you understand why you have a connection with certain people, places and events. We explore the possibility that we have all had many incarnations, what aspects of our personality did we bring with us from our past and who has been with us before. Our discoveries from our past life experiences can assist us to evolve in this life and move through difficulties to clarity and understanding.

The Jigsaw of Your Life

We have all heard the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. Many of us feel the same as poor old Humpty, broken, battered, damaged and shattered by our life experiences. We are all made up of many personality parts that have been created by significant events or traumas in our lives. We spend much of our lives avoiding, hiding from or living in denial about these aspects of ourselves. Usually only those closest to us ever get to see these parts in full flight. They can be terrifying to everyone involved including you.

Once you understand all these aspects have a vital role to play to keep us safe and secure from harm or danger then we can begin to process the experiences that have kept us frozen and emotionally stunted sometimes decades in our past. Once you acknowledge all the pieces you can begin to put yourself back together again.

What’s Your Body Telling You?

How often do you listen to your body? Do you have any idea what it’s saying or what it wants? Do you suffer from pain or other physical discomfort or conditions? Do you self-medicate to drown out your body’s noise and complaints? This pain and discomfort is your body’s way of telling you to STOP, listen and to change. Sometimes the smallest changes can have a major impact on your health and wellbeing.

Living With Purpose

Most of us are unaware of or have lost touch with our purpose for being here. People are now more than ever desperately seeking some meaningful purpose to their existence. We may have a job, car, home, family, holidays and all the other trappings of our modern day lives but still have this feeling inside that something is missing. Many of us are simply existing and not living fully. We explore the deeper issues as to why we are here.

We will be exploring your past, including your childhood and possibly even your past lives. This includes your relationships with your parents, your children, past relationships as well as present life situations. You are able to explore your own life purpose individually and work with other participants in this course.

Creating Healthy Relationships

This course is designed to highlight the spiritual aspects of your current and future relationships. We look at the purpose of our relationships with each other and why so many of us are so desperate to be in them. We discuss the benefits to be gained by changing our view of ourselves and others we are in relationship with. This includes, partners, friends, colleagues, parents and children. This can be a real eye-opener and can dramatically change your behaviour towards others.

What is Love?

Is love really what we think it is? Why do people have such a different experience of it? Should it be different for everyone? Why does it appear to change over time into hatred and bitterness for some and into lasting friendship and companionship for others? Does it have a purpose that we are yet to experience or do we experience it without awareness?

Explore the possibility that perhaps you and your loved ones have more love to go around than you ever considered before.

Knowing Yourself

Is it possible that other people know you better than you know yourself? Do you ever get surprised by how other people view you? How often do you disagree with or are bewildered by other people’s opinion of you? How can you determine if there is any validity to these other points of view and who is more accurate you or them?

We explore the possibility that these often vastly differing viewpoints are actually saying the same thing about you. Find out if you do really know who you are or if you are able to create a new perspective of yourself.

Separation and Divorce (Insights on Completing and Moving On)

How many of us carry around bitterness, resentment, anger and disbelief regarding relationships that have ended badly? If these emotions are not resolved and released it erodes your ability and capacity to engage in healthy future relationships.

It doesn’t have to continue to be this way.

We assist in changing your perspective so you can finally be free of damaging relationships that may have ended many years ago. This also reduces the likelihood of you continuing to sabotage any current or future relationships you may enter into. This allows you to let your past stay in your past and the present and future to be created by the actions and behaviours you take now.

Shame, Guilt and Forgiveness

Many of us carry around such a heavy burden of shame and guilt and for some of us this lasts for most of our lives. This maybe because of how we feel about ourselves, our past actions or our inactions. It maybe because of what others have said or done to us. Forgiveness can be easy to say but often difficult to really feel and express. Once you do this you can experience a great release, a sense of freedom and liberation.

So bring along all your shame and guilt and learn to free yourself from all this unnecessary pain and suffering and allow yourself to really live again.

From Rejection To Acceptance

Feeling rejection is one of the most damaging experiences many of us face in our lives. The pain can last a lifetime from a single encounter with feeling being rejected. This can be the result of another person deliberately rejecting us or our advances toward them, through ignorance and maybe by us being completely invisible to them.

Either way all these experiences make us feel disconnected from ourselves and the world in which we live. We explore the benefits of being rejected and how to combat the overwhelming sense of emotional pain when rejection inevitably enters your life once again.

Exploring Clairvoyance

We look at many different avenues of exploring your own intuitive abilities. We are all in possession of this ability but many of us have closed it down through fear or simply don’t bother to take any notice of it in our very busy day to day lives. Let’s uncover what amazing talents lie hidden within you. This is a fun and exciting experience of self-discovery. Please bring a childhood photo of yourself (under 10 years of age) if you have one available.

Connecting With Spirit

This course assists you to become more comfortable in connecting and communicating with your spirit or higher self. We are constantly being either guided away from potentially harmful situations or guided through them by our higher selves.

Come and experience first-hand your natural ability to communicate with your spirit or higher self. An expanded, more rewarding and satisfying life awaits you once you make this connection.

Exploring Spirituality

Here’s your chance to explore spirituality in a safe, non-judgemental environment. The course is determined by participants asking questions on all manner of topics, including, soul mates, spirit, reincarnation, karma, life after death, life purpose etc.

Each question will be given as much attention as is required, please note no private readings will be done during the course.

Moving Beyond Your Comport Zone

This course is designed to assist you to move outside your usual limited sphere of experiences. Very rarely do we extend ourselves beyond our comfort zones unless we are forced to by outside circumstances beyond our control.

Here is an opportunity to break through some old patterns of behaviour. This is achieved through a range of challenging exercises in a safe and comfortable environment.

Energy Awareness

Every living thing has a life force which is directly and indirectly affected by all other energy forces in the universe. We look at the impact these have on us and our environment. You become aware of how we try to maintain our energy, use it or lose it through leakage, procrastination and stagnation.

Any unresolved issues in our environment, our mind or bodies can inevitably lead to a loss of energy and illness and disease can develop. See how all this fits together and how to release any blockages you may have which may be sapping the life force out of you. This allows you to connect to the universal life force which is free to everyone to re-energise you.

Being Vulnerable being Free

Many of us use up so much energy trying to feel safe and control our environment. This usually results in us feeling anxious and depressed and feeling like we cannot manage our lives. Often people equate feeling vulnerable with being weak and being a victim. Being vulnerable creates the possibility that we can choose a life free from the demands placed on us by others and by ourselves. Vulnerability is the key to inner strength and letting go. So let’s be vulnerable together.

Sex and Spirituality

Throughout the ages many religions and spiritual practices required abstinence in order to attain enlightenment. These beliefs have caused many of us to feel confused, conflicted, discomfort, guilt and shyness in relation to sex and our expression of our sexual identity.

Spiritualty also brings up many of the same fears and emotions in people. We investigate these seemingly vastly different aspects of ourselves. Your new awareness will allow you to integrate these vital aspects of ourselves so you can live a more fully functioning and accepting sexual and spiritual relationship to yourself and others without the judgements from the past.

Money and You

In these uncertain economic times, many of us seek out safety and security through acquiring more and more money and physical possessions. On a deep level we know this doesn’t make us any happier or more secure but we still do it anyway.

Are you aware of your attitude to money, where it developed and how it impacts on your life and quality of life? We investigate how, when you understand your relationship to money, so much more is revealed about the other relationships you encounter throughout your life. There has never been a more appropriate time to face our addiction to money and materialism.