Q: How long does each session last?
A: A session usually lasts for 60 minutes. Longer sessions of 90-120 minutes can be arranged in advance. For most people 60 minutes is sufficient for the first session. Further appointments can be made at the end of the session, if required.

Q: Can I ask questions during the session?
A: Once the session begins it is advisable that you allow Steve to continue speaking as he becomes aware of the information being presented to him. Save any questions that you may have until the end of the session. He prefers that you don’t share any information with him until the session is complete. This way he is not in any way influenced by your needs or expectations. The session will be more pure this way and far more beneficial to you in the long term. If you still have specific questions at the end of the session he will be happy to answer them for you, time permitting.

Q: What if I don’t understand the information Steve is presenting to me?
A: If at any time, during the session, you do not understand the information being presented or cannot relate it to your life then it is recommended that you ask Steve for clarification or further information on a particular topic before he moves on. This will ensure you obtain as much guidance as possible on each area of discussion.

Q: How can I be sure that Steve will conduct my session?
A: Steve does not work with or employ any other person through transformingyourlife.com.au He guarantees that each session booked through this website will be personally conducted by him.

Q: What does each session cost and what are the payment options?
A: Most sessions with Steve are conducted via the telephone or skype. Once you have requested an appointment, Steve will telephone you to arrange a suitable time for your session with him. He will then email you a confirmation of the appointment and what to expect prior to and during the session.

The cost of a 60 minute session is AUD$200 for Australian residents and USD$250 for all other countries.

If you wish to extend the session beyond the agreed time please make Steve aware of this. He will continue the session (time permitting). The additional time will be billed at $50 per 15 minute intervals and payable at the completion of the session.

Australian residents will be given bank account details for the payment of the account. All non Australian residents will need to provide credit card details at the time of booking.

Once Steve has confirmation of your payment he will telephone you at your appointment time and begin the session.

Q: Can I take notes or record the session with Steve?
A: Steve suggests taking notes during the session. This way you will have a reminder of the information presented during the session.

Q: How can I make a booking?
A: Simply complete the Make A Booking form on this website.

Q: How often should I have a session with Steve?
A: Most clients are able to make significant progress and changes in their lives from a single session with Steve. If you have experienced many traumatic events in your life it would be advisable to book several sessions so the release and progress continues and you don’t lose momentum.

As much as we all want our pain to just disappear this is simply not possible for most people. You can’t expect physical, emotional and spiritual damage experienced over decades to just disappear without any effort on your part.

What is more realistic is that several sessions will transform your life so that those past events and experiences no longer control you and you are able to experience life with a whole new level of awareness and freedom.

Q: Can other people be present for the session?
A: It is advisable that the session by conducted in private. This way you will not get distracted by others in the room. You can remain fully focused on the information being presented.