Who Am I?

At the tender age of 4, just after the sudden unexpected separation of my parents, my natural premonition and intuitive skills started to flourish. These continued to develop in me even though my insights were not always welcomed by those around me. This caused me enormous internal conflict. My solution was to explore my inner world and keep my insights to myself.

This changed dramatically when I was 19 and I had a premonition of the sudden death of my grandfather including the date, time, place and cause of death. When he died 3 days later precisely as I had seen I knew I could no longer hide or ignore these intuitive insights.

It was at this point in my life that I began speaking more openly about what I was seeing and feeling intuitively in spite of other people being dismissive and critical.

What Abilities Do I Possess and How Did They Develop?

Shortly after my grandfathers passing he began visiting me on a daily basis. During these visits, which lasted for a period of 12 years, he provided a running commentary of what he was experiencing in the afterlife. He answered many of the questions we all have when a loved one passes away.

His explanation of his experience of death and what comes after was incredibly eye opening and it still captivates me today, more than 30 years later. In fact, these conversations form the basis of my Life After Death Course.

My Life Experiences

Looking back on my life, I now realise that from the age of 4, I have been attempting to make sense of the world around me, trying to understand why certain things happened, what caused them to happen and how to deal with these experiences.

I have experienced many traumatic events throughout my life including my parent’s separation and divorce, family suicides, a near death experience at 27, a car accident, severe bullying and physical and emotional abuse to name just a few.

The symptoms of these experiences manifested in me as:

anxiety and depression,

debilitating fears,

physical health issues which lead to a near death experience,

impulsive behaviours,

addictive behaviours such as gambling, eating and sex,

obsessive compulsive disorder,

destructive relationship patterns,

self-sabotage, self-loathing and other self-defeating habits.

My determination to overcome all the issues plaguing my life has allowed me to develop great clarity. I no longer allow my past experiences to control and dominate my thoughts, behaviours and actions. I now bounce back very quickly from any setback no matter how big it may seem at the time.

Why Choose Steve Rieck?

For over 30 years I have been utilising my life experiences to assist others to quickly reach clarity and awareness in their own lives.

You will discover why you are who you are?  Why you behave the way you do? Why you experience life differently than others around you even though they are going through the same cycle of events as you?  And what you can do to change your reactions to these experiences. This profoundly changes your perspective and it changes you.

You are more capable than ever before in accepting and integrating your life experiences and living more fully.

Allow me to assist you to broaden your awareness and understanding so you willingly choose to live a more conscious, satisfying, worthwhile and meaningful life.