“This was a major breakthrough for me and I cannot thank you enough.”

“My soul is “smiling” and the “gentle rain is washing all over me”. I can, from now on, live my life with this new perspective and understanding.  THE CHOICE IS MINE. Thank you!!!!!”

“Your reading was absolutely incredible. The issues you raised were startlingly accurate, concise and entirely relevant to what I have and continue to face in my life. Many more insights have come to my consciousness since. Never in a million years would I have put it all together myself. Now I have understanding of the central issues I am facing and can understand the “triggers”. Your reading was so down to earth and practical. Although difficult to put into words, I am much more “at home” in myself since the reading and certainly much more accepting of myself. What I loved most was that the reading was given in a spirit of genuine desire to help – nothing more.”

“Thank you so much for today. You are wonderful! You offer something so unique – a lifeline in fact! Imagine the wasted opportunities without your insight. It will mean I can just focus on each day with a newness and positivity that I would otherwise have wasted by misinterpreting my feelings and negative feelings about my life!”

“Before I contacted Steve I was paralysed with indecision about my life path. Steve helped me to identify the blocks that were holding me back and to understand the origins of those blocks (of which I would never have known otherwise). Once the links were made between past and present it was easy to see how the difficulties I was facing, as well as those in the past, were clearly opportunities to learn, move forward, grow and become more whole.

I finished my three sessions with Steve with a sense of hope, liberation and excitement about what lay before me. This has given me a new focus and will provide me with the sense of fulfilment and meaning that I was looking for.”

“Steve is an excellent advisor and communicates extremely well. He radiates positive energy that helps create an environment that makes you connect comfortably with him. He is a straight shooter and he tells it like it is. In my session with Steve he helped me see and confront my problems and left me with sound advice to move my life ahead and build a better future for myself.”