“My experience with Steve was very profound, and I learned some extraordinarily important information about my interaction with others.  Steve’s gift allows him to transcend speculation and focus in on your true motivations in this lifetime.  His psychic ability is so great, I doubt even a hardened sceptic would come away unaffected.

Steve spent many years in the world of financial accounting so if your fear is of a flaky New Age psychic you’ll be impressed that Steve is extremely focused, logical and able to speak to whatever viewpoint you hold.  All I can tell you is that Steve’s contribution to guiding my growth into the person I would like to be has been immeasurable, and I’m a lot happier as a result.  I can’t recommend him enough!”

“Thank you for your extraordinary reading. It is the only thing that has bought a powerful clarity to a heartbreaking situation. The universe really does answer prayers.”

“The session left me feeling like I was coming home to myself, like so many pieces of me falling properly into place and a deep understanding of why I am how I am. Thank you for your amazing work.”

“It was awesome for me, a great realisation. Your connection with spirit gave me so much and everything makes much more sense in so MANY ways.”

“Steve, I really enjoyed our chat the other night. You are right new insights just keep happening. It was like you had followed me around for a couple hundred years and kept very accurate notes on me and those around me. Thank you it has made a huge difference.”

“You were spot on with everything that you said. There was nothing that I did not relate to and you were so accurate I was worried you had somehow been inside my head and knew what I was thinking. I am already practicing some of the points that you mentioned at the end of the session.  Thank you for sharing your gift with me.”

“Our reading was like uncovering a hidden spring of cleansing water. A lifetime of complexities were washed away with love, laughter and yes, a few tears. In their place came clarity and understanding. Your guided insight is phenomenal.”

“Your guidance was a real awakening and eye-opener. You’ve given me a wonderful insight into my past, my present and my future for which I am very grateful. I’m sure you have assisted in speeding up the process of my journey and eliminating unnecessary pain along the way. You have a true gift that I’m so envious of 🙂 So often I feel lost and confused and yet talking with you gives me clarity, strength, wisdom and HOPE :)”

“This is the most amazing conversation you will ever have. I thought it was going to be hard for me to believe, but regardless of how sceptical you are, at the end of your session you’ll feel better than you have ever felt.  It was amazing talking to you.”

“Thanks Steve for an illuminating session.  The information you passed on to me fits so accurately. I can now see where a lot of my behaviour, thinking and attitudes emanate.”

“I wanted clarity around some emotional blocks I have had around my life purpose and a past relationship.  I found the session very informative and the information that came through from my past life enabled me to move through the blockages in this life.  Steve is compassionate and clear in his message and I thoroughly enjoyed the session and look forward to re-visiting the information on my recording!”

“I have been trying to put into words how incredible you are!!! Talk about hitting the nail on the head, the people I know don’t even know me that well, only my mother. The information you gave me reinforced what I felt all my life but didn’t understand why or where those feelings were coming from.

To be honest the only way anyone will be able to understand and appreciate the ability you possess is to have a session themselves because you are someone that has to be experienced.

Thank you and your grandma for the reading, what an amazing team you two are.”